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Kevin Reschenberg

A note from the developer

I created this debugger because, frankly, I needed it.

As an independent developer specializing in PeopleSoft systems, I'm frequently faced with SQR coding challenges. SQR is powerful and useful, but at the same time it's an older procedural language burdened with some odd syntax and deprecated elements. Developers generally learn it on the job, so much of the existing code has been written by people who invented their own coding styles and defaulted to practices such as writing huge procedures and making all variables global. As a result, some SQR programs can be difficult to read and maintain.

We can be quite productive using SQR. But on those occasions in which I've arrived at a new client site without immediate access to the debugger, my productivity has taken a big hit. It's not simply a matter

of experience. I've been working with SQR programs for over 10 years and still use the debugger almost daily—for maintenance, new development, testing, experimentation, and profiling. The Code Alerts feature alone has helped me identify serious bugs many times.

Even if you don't end up licensing the program, I still hope you will take the 30-day trial and go find some bugs. If you have not used a debugger or profiler before, you might not know how tools such as these can save you so much time. But it's easy to learn. Try it!

I'd like to hear from you. Please email me directly at with your questions, comments or ideas.

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