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Frequently asked questions

What are the requirements for running the debugger?

Please see the requirements page.

Is Unix supported for interactive debugging?

No—this is a Windows program. However, we have many customers who use Unix for their production SQR processing. These customers develop and debug their SQR programs on Windows PCs and then migrate the final code to Unix. There are no plans to develop a native Unix version.

Can the program be run from a shared network drive?

Yes, although we strongly recommend that you install it locally on your own PC. During debugging sessions there is I/O traffic that is handled much more efficiently when the program is installed on your PC.

Can the program be run on a remote access or Citrix® server?


We have several developers working remotely. Would a site license apply?

It may—please contact us to see what type of licensing is best for you.

Does this product include the SQR language compiler/interpreter?

No. SQR is a separate product that is a part of Oracle® Production Reporting and is also bundled with some other products. For information, contact Oracle Corporation.

Does the debugger support PeopleSoft® systems?
Is PeopleSoft required?

PeopleSoft is not required. Any PeopleSoft version is supported if the SQR version is 4.3 or higher. The version of SQR delivered with PeopleSoft 8+ qualifies. For PeopleSoft 7 and below, check the SQR version.

Can programs be debugged from the PeopleSoft menu
(or portal or Process Scheduler)?

Programs run through the debugger are run outside of the PeopleSoft system. This question is related to PeopleSoft run control and how an SQR program receives run control parameters. The debugger can supply these parameters, simulating a run under Process Scheduler in such a way that your SQR program can't tell the difference. The setup for this is explained in the help file.

Are there yearly maintenance or upgrade fees?

No. We want all customers to be using the latest version, so we don't charge you extra for that. The license fee is a one-time expense.

I am a consultant. Can I use my licensed copy at the client's site?

Yes. (Please remember to uninstall it when your assignment ends.)

Will this product teach me how to write SQR programs? Is it a tutorial?

No, that's not its purpose.