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SP Debugger for SQR offers these capabilities:

Step through your program one statement at a time
Set and clear breakpoints; run to the next breakpoint
Step over an entire procedure, or step through it
Watch the debugger "auto-step" through your code
Pause program execution at any time
Rerun the program from the beginning
Force a database COMMIT at any time

...and it works seamlessly with:

    SQR Express

SQR Express is a complete Integrated Development Environment by Business Computing Solutions LLC. This feature-packed tool was designed specifically for developing SQR programs. When you are ready to debug your program, just click a button to launch SP Debugger for SQR directly from within the IDE.

For more information, visit SQR Express.



View and modify variable values (including SQR reserved variables)
Explore arrays; view and modify individual cells; export arrays to Excel
View the values of substitution variables ({variable})
Run until a variable or array cell changes or satisfies a specified condition
Debugger catches unhandled runtime SQL errors
Program structure tree, variable list, and other views
All #INCLUDE files expanded and debuggable
Configurable syntax highlighting
"Code Alerts" checks for common hard-to-find programming errors
An integrated profiler identifies slow, inefficient code
Run SQRs under the debugger or SQRW's "black box"
Single-click program execution; no separate compile step to run
Comprehensive, indexed and searchable help information
A clean, easy-to-use interface; no commands to enter
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